Monday, March 9, 2020

Last Archon is Live

The Last Archon goes live today! Get your copy now from Silver Empire. From the publisher:

The man who thought he would live 

forever is running out of time.

For three thousand years, Deckard Riss has been alone. Ever since his home sunk into the sea with Atlantis, he has been the last of his people. The final Atlantean knight, the last Archon.
Then fate forced an apprentice on him, and now the pair of them police the streets of Atlanta, magicians in hiding as superheroes.
Now there are whispers of Atlantis on the wind, another sorcerer at work. This unknown dark wizard sacrifices superpowered teenagers in grisly ritual suicides. And Deckard’s magic, once so easily accessed, starts slipping beyond his grasp.
If he doesn’t have his powers, he can’t stop the rending of reality to allow monsters into our world. If he doesn’t have his powers, he is nothing.
Deckard only has to hold on for another year. Just one more year, to train his apprentice to take his place, and stop the end of the world. And he’s not sure he can do it.
Will his apprentice step up to save the world, or will he drive the boy away with his secrets?
Doctor Strange meets HP Lovecraft in this new Heroes Unleashed series about wizards, prophets and superheroes in Atlanta.
Can Deckard find the mysterious sorcerer, stop the portal from opening, and prepare his apprentice to take his place before his time runs out?

And don’t forget to sign up for the Silver Empire Book Club, the best way to ensure you don’t miss out on the best new fiction from some of the brightest stars in the industry.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Reading List: Hollow City

Six kills in six years.

Super powered cop Adam Song has dedicated his life to the law. In the military and the police force, Adam ruthlessly protects the innocent.
But this time he’s killed the wrong bad guy. Now the local drug lord’s son is dead, and the boss is out for Adam’s blood. Even his secret identity won’t keep him safe. The police department hangs him out to dry, his years of exemplary service forgotten. Adam must take justice into his own hands to keep his family safe.
Because Adam is a Song. And Songs take care of their own. No matter the cost.
When does justice become murder? And just how far will he go to protect his clan?
Dragon and Hugo Award nominated author Kai Wai Cheah steps onto the superhero scene with his debut Heroes Unleashed novel. His characteristic fast-paced action and attention to detail brings Adam Song and the Chinatown of Hollow City vividly to life.
For those of you late to this game, Kai Wai Chea is a stellar author with a gift for gritty, in-your-face violence. His first Heroes Unleashed outing has action movie written into its DNA. Hollow City is one part Daredevil, two parts Punisher, all wrapped up in one taut action-thriller package. 
Fans of the above comic franchises or the Bourne movies are going to love this ride. Do yourselves a favor and mark Chea down as a must-follow author.
And don't forget the Silver Empire Book Club, where you can snap up the latest from Heroes Unleashed before the public!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Last Archon

Well, THAT is one pretty cover.

Buckle up and put on your safety gear. The ride is about to start...

Monday, March 2, 2020

Reading List: Heroes Fall

Morgon Newquist unleashed the heroes with the first novel of Serenity City, Heroes Fall, on sale now from Silver Empire:

Victoria doesn't need a Cape to be a Hero.
Living and working in the slums of Serenity City, she has become its faceless and nameless defender. She turned her back on the glittering world of professional superheroes years ago. If she has her way, she’ll never go back.
But the young and forgotten teens she helps are disappearing from the street, and nobody seems to care. As Victoria unravels this mystery, she is lead back to her old life in the star-studded glamourous superhero circles. No matter how much she hates it, she can’t abandon the helpless when they need her the most.
All clues point back to The Rampage, the terrible day when their mightiest champion Achilles fell to darkness. Will Victoria uncover the truth of what actually happened twenty years ago in time to help her lost boys and girls?
And what will happen when the fallen hero Achilles escapes, and Victoria is the only one who can stop him?

This novel is full of great world building, colorful characters, and classic superhero action.  From the rise and fall of the Triumvirate to the gleeful chaos of one villain, I got a strong DC comics vibe.

The action is vibrant and the stakes, both personal and city-wide, loom large for the heroes. Choices made in this book beg to be answered in later installments. The characters are consistent and complex, as heroes fall and, maybe, rise.

This was a brilliant outing by Newquist. Any fans of the Justice League or Young Justice cartoons would do well to check this out.

You can find Heroes Fall on Amazon or at the Silver Empire store. Better yet, join the newly launched Silver Empire Book Club and receive a steady stream of top tier fiction from one of indie publishing's best houses.

A Year in Silence

It's been more than a year since I posted anything on this blog. There are four draft posts that didn't make it into public cyberspace in that time, now way out of date. (Who wants a review of Ant Man and Wasp? Anyone? Bueller?)

That's just sad.

You know what's not sad? Taking a year off a blog to change careers, write a novel, and work on building a life one can be proud of.

I think I'll take the trade.

More posts on the way, friends. Many happy returns.

Friday, October 19, 2018

So I Re-Watched Blade...

So you're home sick, it's late at night, and you're the only one there.

Of course you turn on Netflix.

If you're me, you break up your binge watching of murder mystery shows with something a little less intellectual.

This past weekend, I picked Blade.

Released in 1998, the film beat Sam Rami's Spiderman to the box office by four years and the amazingly campy Nick Cage version of Ghostrider by nine, making it the godfather of the current generation of Marvel movies.

So, how does Blade hold up now that it's old enough to enroll in college?

I think it does fairly well for what it is: a late 90s Action Movie.

Let's run through the checklist:

- Grim Loaner Protagonist with a Tragic Backstory?

Blade is the Daywalker, the result of an in utero infection by the vampire curse. He inherited supernatural speed, strength, and senses along with a thirst for human blood and an aversion to sunlight. He was rescued from the streets by a grisly Kris Kristofferson and now lives in an abandoned factory with his adoptive father and every day is a war zone.

He's so hardcore focused on killing vampires, he starts a firefight with one in the middle of a crowded park and basically ignores a hostage until she's about to be hit by a bus.

Status= Check

- Dark clothing? With buckles? Sunglasses at night?

Status= Check, Check, and Check

- Sweet fight scenes?

Status= Check.

- Old People being one-upped by the younger generation?

The Vampire Council is straight out of the White Wolf playbook. Only, you know, without the superpowers.

So, when frat boy vampire Deacon Frost pulls a coup, the audience (of mostly young males ages 18-25) is supposed to...empathize? I guess?

Too bad his master plan would lead us directly into Daybreakers...

Status= Check?

- Computer technology that miraculously solves an ancient puzzle?

Because literally antediluvian beings (previously characterized in this movie as ossified fossils obsessed with past traditions) have failed to remember the language and religion that provide both the teleology and eschatology of their entire race?

They misplaced an entire temple? Forgot how to speak vampire?

Status= Sigh. Check.

- Pervasive Profanity to prove we're edgy?
Donal Logue's character alone would carry this
Somehow, I had not remembered the amount of foul language in this film.

Status= Check.

- C. G. I. (!!!)

Status= Check

90s Action Movie Status= Definitive.

Let's be honest. Why did I, or anyone, watch this movie?

To see Wesley Snipes kill vampires with style. And that just never gets old.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Heroes Unleashed is LIVE!

The Heroes Unleashed Kickstarter is Live! 

That's right, super hero goodness is right around the corner, but we need help from YOU to make it happen!

What do you get for your support? 

As little as $1 gets you a sneak peek at Serenity City: Heroes Fall. If you saw my last post, you know I enjoyed the heck out this story.

If you're on the fence, pick this up. I promise not to smirk when you come back to pick to up the whole thing.

Additional support will snag you anything from a discounted E-book to a T-shirt to autographed, limited-edition hard copies.

What does this have to do with your blog, Wattsbot?

I've been asked to join a group of talented, award winning indie authors to bring you one of the series for Phase I of this project!

I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this team. I've been reading comics and writing stories since middle school and to have the chance to bring both of those things together in my own series is simply mind blowing.

I'm hard at work on the first novel, Apprentice, which should be out Spring 2019.

I'll have a little something to whet your appetite soon.

Until then, keep your eyes glued here and check out the Heroes Unleashed website for more info!