Saturday, February 3, 2018

Update on the Unplug and Some New Plugs

Turns out I'm not dead, just really busy. The post-Christmas season has been one thing after another for me, but it seems to be calming down.

In the odd five or ten minute break, however, I have found some fun entertainment.

First, Larry Correia has these two posts over at his blog about his experiments in creating a fast paced, simple table top game based on Gritty Cop Shows.

The recaps were incredibly fun (more so for me since I've actually seen Heat and am a big fan of cop procedurals and crime dramas). I so want to play this game.

Second, I stumbled across the You Tube channel for Spacedock. From the channel: "A series where we look at the specifications, history and lore of fictional spacecraft from science fiction. Any Spacecraft, any Sci-Fi."

The videos are usually short, running 5 to 10 minutes, but new videos are posted often and there are plenty of them. I've enjoyed listening to the breakdowns there, especially getting a peak at franchises I'm not as familiar with, like The Expanse.

If that weren't enough, the host of Spacedock has a longer form podcast called Subspace that has just begun.

Go check those out and check back here soon for some exciting news!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars as a brand is either dead or getting much better, depending on who you ask about this movie. The halls of the internet echo with the clamor of battle as entrenched armies lob verbal artillery at one another.

I'm going to try to discuss both the good and the bad in the film. Obviously, this will involve spoilers so if you haven't yet seen the movie you may want to wait before reading the rest of the review.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dreamwork's Trollhunters

Frequent readers of the blog will know that I enjoy shows that hit the sweet spot where kids and adults can both enjoy them. Animated or not, if they give me a good, fun story of Good vs Evil with character development and interesting visuals, I'm in.

Dreamworks and Netflix have hit one out of the park with Trollhunters.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Reading List: Vigil by Russell Newquist

I was honored to receive an Advance Review Copy of Russell Newquist's newest book, Vigil.

I was pretty excited for this one. I greatly enjoyed his debut novel, War Demons, earlier this year, so my expectations were high.

I mean, how do you top spec ops, demons, car chases, a warlock, and a dragon vs helicopter fight?

Mr. Newquist's answer is to give you a modern day paladin who must take on said dragon by himself, on the dragon's home turf, and throw in a hostage and a time limit.

Vigil is superior to War Demons  in several ways. Mr. Newquist keeps the frenetic pacing and high octane action from the first book, but ups his game when it comes to the dialogue and the characterization. The plot was tighter and if the scale is smaller the stakes feel more personal and thus the payoff more rewarding.

Mr. Newquist continues to improve his craft while losing none of the things that made his debut novel enjoyable. I highly recommend Vigil to fans of urban fantasy and am looking forward to more stories in this world.

You can purchase your copy on Amazon.

You can keep up with Mr. Newquist on his blog.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Marvel's Punisher

One of Marvel's best known anti-heroes hit the small screen with a bang in Season 2 of Daredevil.

Now that Frank Castle has finished his Death Wish To Do List, what's in store for the one man assault team?

Spoilers ahead.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Paragons is Really Good!

I finished reading my copy last week and there are some excellent stories in this anthology!

Nightstick by Kai Wai Cheah is wall to wall action-thriller. It is begging to be put to film. Any fan of Jason Borrne, Taken, or Batman is going to love it.

Someone is Aiming for You by JD Cowan is an ode to The Shadow. The mysterious Seeker brings evildoers face to face with their secrets. Great action with some horror elements thrown in.

Blackout by Morgon Newquist is Justice League style heroic action with ::GASP:: an intelligent villain! Fun story and a most intriguing set-up for future stories.

All three stories do a great job with world building and fans of comic book action will be left wanting more. I know I was.

You can find these stories and more for less than $3 on Amazon.

Thor: Ragnarok

The god of thunder is back in his third stand-alone film. We've seen him face family strife and his own arrogance. We've seen him crush two alien invasions and a robot horde alongside Earth's mightiest heroes.

This time, he faces the goddess of Death, the Norse version of the end of days, and Jeff Goldblum as a pompous windbag.

(Some spoilers)